Tutorial: How to play acciaccature & mordenti according to Francesco Gasparini

Gasparini, Francesco: L´Armonico Pratico al cimbalo, Venice, 1708

Mordenti summary:

Acciacature summary:


1 [00:25]: Notice that Gasparini's acciaccature & mordenti are different and more strict than the ones found in the Anonymous Regole di canto figurato, contrappunto, d'accompagnare, Museo internazionale e biblioteca della musica MS E 25, Bologna [imslp

2 [05:52]: Gasparini indeed shows a chord with 14 notes (p. 69); but two of the notes in this chord are repeated twice: the low G (see green circles), and the #f (see blue circles). The second #f is probably a mistake for the note above it - g, but the second low G doesn't seem to have an explanation. In short, it is probably a chord of 13 notes and not 14.