• The basso continuo sources are an updated version of the bibliographical list found in the MGG «Generalbaß» article written by J. B. Christensen and J. A. Bötticher in 1995.
  • The vocal sources has been collected by Florian Bassani and Livio Marcaletti within the framework of a five-year research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) entitled "Continuity or Coincidence? 'Italian' vocal Performance Practice and vocal Aesthetics in Light of Textual Sources and Sound Documents (1600-1950) – Kontinuität oder Koinzidenz? Gesangspraxis und Gesangsästhetik 'italienischer' Prägung im Spiegel schriftlicher und akustischer Quellen (1600–1950)".
  • The sources related to tuning and temperament were collected by Johannes Keller. See his special Project Studio31.
  • The keyboard sources were collected by Jörg-Andreas Bötticher.
  • The violin sources were collected by Eva Saladin.
  • The viol sources are mostly based on Joëlle Morton's website
  • Anne Smith and Alon Schab are regular reviewers of the YouTube videos. Further specific credits for the YouTube videos appear on each video.

Many thanks to all the contributors as well as to people who contributed and suggested corrections for the databases!

Elam Rotem prepares the episode "Improvisation around 1600", 27/6/2018