Lute music sources database

Prints and manuscripts of lute [plucked instruments] music sources . Many thanks to Paul Kieffer for the initial collection of sources.

Instruments: 4c Renaissance guitar; 5c Baroque guitar; 6c Renaissance lute or vihuela; 7c Renaissance lute with one diapason; 10c Renaissance lute with 2-4 diapasons; 11c French Baroque lute (+ transitional tunings); 13c German Baroque lute; 14c Archlute or Liuto Attiorbato; theorbo Bass-lute with re-entrant tuning; wire Cittern, Orpharion, Bandora.

Misc. notes:- The instrumental categorizations are mainly relevant to prints; most of the manuscripts are not categorized for the moment.- Mostly, reprints are not noted, only the first print.- Treatises are not listed here. Please refer to our main sources database and choose the category "plucked instruments".- Please send us corrections / suggestions / report a broken link: