Reading from partbooks in the 16th century

Main source:

Tutti li madrigali del primo et secondo libro a quatro voci (first publication 1540) [link]

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Mensural notation "cheat-sheet":


1 [01:43] Mensural notation on Wikipedia.

2 [03:11] Richard Sherr, "Performance Practice in the Papal Chapel during the 16th Century" in Early Music, Vol. 15, No. 4 (Nov., 1987), pp. 452-462 [link]


In 07:45 there is a mistake in the solmization syllables; both the first and last syllables should be MI and not RE as shown and sang.


Created by Elam Rotem, June 2020.

Singers from ensemble Profeti della Quinta: Giovanna Baviera, Doron Schleifer, Jacob Lawrence & Elam Rotem

Special thanks to Anne Smith.